Scandinavia encompasses a dazzling blend serene areas, Arctic wildernesses and shimmering fjords, it also lays claim to some of Europe’s most outstanding cities. Stockholm, the gorgeous Swedish capital, is one of those.

Copenhagen is the ethnical heart from the Nordic area and a must-see for those expecting to soak up a lot of Scandinavian background culture. It is a perfect base for the purpose of exploring the Viking Museum, Living area Gamle Simply by (the Old City) and the total annual Viking Moot event.

Aarhus is a beautiful seaside city with stunning architecture and a traditional ambiance. Its cobbled streets and charming cafés make it a popular spot for jogging, shopping or perhaps dining. It could be also an outstanding destination for a home holiday, thank you to its beach locations and park systems.

Malmo is another lovely coastal city that’s a great choice for those with children. The city’s dazzling castle may be a must-see for the purpose of families and it has remarkable public transport therefore there’s do not need worry about navigating around the location.

Trondheim is a ancient area that was once Norway’s capital, but it’s still an atmospheric and friendly place. The cobbled streets and colourful houses of Bakklandet are well worth a go to, as is Nidaros Cathedral.

Helsinki is definitely Finland’s capital, but a fresh fascinating addition to your Scandinavian trip. The contemporary architecture, galleries and sea feelings are sure to charm to your preference, especially if you’re organizing a Baltic cruise trip.

If you’re looking for love in a foreign country, it’s constantly helpful to find out somewhat about the local dating scene before jumping in. For any full dive into the Scandinavian dating world, have a look at author and director Marina Iakovleva’s new book Sex Prior to Coffee: Helpful information for Dating in Scandinavia, being released on you June.

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